How Panda Do It!

Panda intends to go to the airport from his home in Dubai. The ordinary road is only 12.4km and will take 17 minutes to reach airport. Expressway is 13.3km far but will only take 11 minutes to be there, so Panda decided to take the expressway.


Panda wanted to travel to Egypt and took a plane from Dubai to Cairo. The flight took 8 hours and 25 because of the delays caused by the excessive traffic at the airport. The next time Panda drove to Abu Dhabi first taking 1 hour and 36 minutes time; then from Abu Dhabi Panda took a 4 hours flight to Cairo, making it a total of 5 hours and 36 minutes only.

The experience that Panda gave us is: choose highways with good road conditions and many lanes to reduce the red sign of traffic lights; use transit routes-avoid peaks and congestion.